Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SEM Asia 2011: Holiday planning

It's been a really long while since USM participated in SHELL Eco-marathon 2010, after this long 3-weeks exam period, let's appreciate this last days before our holiday plan start to run~

There is a bet to survival, between USM SEM (Diesel) and ALTITUDE (Gasoline) teams in USM, if there is non a single vehicle with following parts:
1) Chassis
2) Engine
3) Clutches (centrifugal and dog)
4) Throttle
& 5) Steering Full System

then only 1 team will be going to Sepang Circuit for 2011 SEM Asia event, sounds like a real survival game, ya? Hopefully we only have to face all the hassles last year due to last-minute works ONLY last year.
Let's carry our hands with passions toward victory in SEM ASIA 2011!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Testing 3,2,1...

Hypothesis is a proposed explanation for an observable phenomenon. Experiments have to be conducted to justify the explanation. Thus, we had our first test run!
Oh yeah, according to some lecturers here, reports should be done in paragraph form, like thesis...So, this is it!

Title: Hypothesis Test Drive 1

Date: 27 January 2010 ( Wednesday)
Time: 1400-1700
Venue: School of Mechanical Engineering

What We Want:
To test the dynamics and mechanism of Hypothesis, and to get the drivers behind the wheels!

What We Did!

First, a quick roll call was carried out to check the presence of the drivers and members involved in this test run. Next, the height and weight of all drivers (primary and reserves) are taken and recorded. (data is taken 3 times and an average....bla bla bla). All 6 drivers then took turns to test the ergonomics of the cockpit and the vehicle.

Part 2, a mini test run had been carried out to test the mechanism of the running gears i.e. steering, rear wheels, brakes. The full test run methods however cannot be revealed here.


It has been a fruitful day as we managed to achieve our objectives. The car showed some negative results in some area. Targets of and ideal vehicle are yet to be achieved. But, bear in mind, what is down will go up!
We're glad to have this test run cause we finally managed to identify some areas in this car for further improvement.

So, dear SHELL, wait for it.....!


Driver in the cockpit!

Video recording in progress

Testing the mechanism of brake calipers

Checking the alignment of the sprocket and chain

From start to finish!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Know What You Did Last Week..

Hello peeps,

It's been a long time since we've post an update on our progress. Let's have a recap:
Last year we have established our very own SAE Laboratory, place of birth of the Nemesis and Genesis.

In the previous week, we have managed to make a tremendous progress on our prototype car, the Hypothesis. Breakdown on the progress made:

Engine team
Engine has been installed to the rear part of the Hypothesis. The modifications made on th GX-35 are clutch and drive shaft, transmission chain to the sprocket of the rear wheel.

Running Gear
We have our steering installed! Together with the rear brakes!

Oh no, Error occurred! Got to fix it, man.

Running gear team installing the steering shaft

Body team
They are arguably the most hardworking one of all team. Kudos to them!! From the shell mold modelling, right up to the fiber glass installation (still progressing). Great effort, guys! And not to forget, our diligent and wise Vigren. :D

Cheng, cheng, cheng -> Master Vigren

And here are some photos regarding our progress.

The chasis of Hypothesis together with brake calipers and tensioner

Running gear + Engine team at work. Great teamwork!

Here we go, everyone is at work!

Prof. Horizon giving some advice on the engine part

Driver in the cockpit

Oh crap, misaligned brake calipers :S

Tremendous progress but remember, tonnes of work ahead of us. So, get together and keep up the good work, y'all!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yeap! We have our own lab now.
D.O.B. : 05/09/2009
Place : Mechanical School, USM Eng. Campus

Cleaning, Moving, Pushing etc

Here is the SAE LAB. Nice? Sure!

The cleaners? Opps! They are the "parents" of the lab. Haha!

Friday, July 24, 2009

USM in for Shell Eco Marathon

USM will take part in Shell Eco Marathon Asia next year July 2010 in Malaysia. After the winning of the recent Perodua Eco Challenge, Team USM has greater boost and eager to participate in more students' project competitions.

Powered by USM SAE chapter, we are building a strong organisation to design, build and drive to race the world's prestigous fuel efficiency car race.
All Interested students especially Year 2 students, please attend the general meeting on 12th August 2009, 5pm at MEK2.

Any interested students of USM in this event, please contact :
David Chew 019-2411088 or

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For those who have registered for the EIMA trip, please gather:

venue: Cafe Lembaran
date: 25th july 2009
time: by 5.30am
things to bring: camera, notebook

Also, for those who involved in Shell Eco Marathon, please do come for a pre trip meeting on this friday at 1 am at either MEK 1 or 2.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

USM SAE member registration

Thank you for the interest in registering USM SAE member.

For those who keen in joing usm sae collegiate chapter, you may drop you details to The membership will be verified only after you have paid Rm10 (collegiate club membership fee) during the official recruitment.

The official recruitment will be held shortly till further notice.

For those who are really interested you may drop you particulars to our club email to register you interest. We will keep your data in our database and will reply you within one week.

Thank you for the interest again.
p/s: do note that there is an underscore between usm and sae of our club email.